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Camp theme

Lean more about FDF National Camp 2022s theme "courage"

The theme of the FDF national camp 2022 is “courage”. Courage comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be about courage in life, i.e. courage to be present and be me, be me together with others. It can be about daring, how high dare I crawl in the tree, how far can I get out as me, but also, what happens when I grab a friend’s hand or a group of FDF friends’ hands? What can we do together then? How far do we dare to move out then? Courage can also be about daring to look up and have the courage to say honestly what I think, what I feel, what I believe in, but also taking time to listen. Listen to what others think and feel specifically about this small or big, heavy subject. And that takes a little courage, to speak and listen.

Courage can also be about having the courage to act, having the courage to do something different than what my parents taught me and dare going a different way. So, if we are talking about sustainability and climate and the way we do the FDF National Camp, are there ways we can do things differently? And be Brave enough to try different things and create new directions for each other. We believe that courage is a good way for us, and for all the FDF people who are attending the national camp, to unfold and challenge and discover the grounds that you have to find in life and we are looking forward to us unfolding and making it come true together on the national camp 2022.

Join the games

After the past couple years in FDF and especially the previous national camp, it seemed totally natural to us that playing, of course had to be a key part of the national camp 2022. When we participate in the game, we become whole people, we become part of a community that we only meet in the game. On the national camp in 2022, we are going to join the games, we are going to play with each other, we are going to play with the big thoughts, and we are going to play with new solutions. And you have to do that together with us, both now and on the national camp. So, come join the games.

We meet

On the FDF National Camp 2022 we are going to meet new people, big and small and old and young. We are going to meet new sides of ourselves. We are also going to meet people we already know, and we are going to create some very special communities and some very special relations. And I hope that you will meet with each other and we are looking forward to meeting you.

We take responsibility

With the world that we line in in mind, we have to remember to create the national camp with thought. When we are talking about resources, you often think materials, but we need to remember that the time we spend together also is a resource. And that is why it is important that the national camp doesn’t burn us out, but instead fills FDF with new energy. We have to pass on the resources and the nature to the joy of the next generations in FDF. We have to remember to challenge each other and at the same time have to challenge the way we make camp life in FDF. We want to take responsibility for making the camp with you and that is why we are looking forward to creating this whole experience together with all of you

We take time

On the national camp 22, there will be time prioritized to be and to experience the camp. Children, youths and adults each have their ways to be and they are different and therefore they need to experience the national camp differently and in their own tempi. This is why we, for one, have expanded the national camp 22 with one day, we are certain that we can create a good balance in this together. There has to be time to be present in the circle, be with your closest friends, your leader and enjoy time there. There has to be time to, of course, experience all the big and wild parts that are on a national camp. And there has to be time for the big spectacle at the campfire where we all get together. The circle will be your home while you are at the national camp and therefore there has to be a good balance between activities and being in your home, just like there are in your normal everyday life. We will, in principle, very much like to show that we have time and energy for all of us to be at the national camp 21. We are looking forward to it.

We create the national camp together

We create the national camp together, because that is what we do in FDF, we create things together. And we are also doing that on the national camp 2022 and that means, for example that at the circle campground, the different age groups have to help create the national camp together, they have to help set up the camp ground. It also means that we, in the national camp committee, have to make sure to involve and we have to make sure to ask a lot more people than we normally do about all kinds of things. And that also means that the committees must be a part of doing this as well. And in the end that all means that we will help organize the camp together and it means that we create the camp throughout it and it means that we create FDF after the camp.