The FDF national camp has been postponed from July 2021 to July 2022. FDF’s national board and the camp committee has decided to postpone the camp one year because of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new dates of the national camp are July 6th-15th 2022 at FDF Sletten.


The national camp of our dreams

The decision to postpone the camp comes as a result of a long period of uncertainties about how FDF would be able to make a national camp like the one that the participants and volunteers dream about.

Simon Stagis (Camp Director): “Our team had a dream to make a camp together with all the volunteers and leaders from across the country and with them make an unforgettable experience for the participants. A camp where we celebrate FDF, fellowship and create an extraordinary experience for the participants, in accordance with FDF’s purpose, values and development goals. It is our assessment at this point, that we will not be able to plan nor host the camp of our dreams, because of the level of uncertainties that COVID-19 creates.”

The right timing

The increasing level of COVID-19-related guidelines and regulations has since mid-March effected the work of the volunteers planning the camp. Again, and again the camp committee have had to make changes, compromises, and accept alternative solutions to their original ideas for the preparation phase. This has been affecting the motivation of the hundreds of volunteers planning the camp, having to work more with how to manage Covid-19 than working with the dreams and activities for the camp.

The hope is that postponing the camp now, can turn the uncertainties and concerns into excitement and joy about a new camp in July 2022. Both in the local groups, committees, and participants.

The camp committee and FDF national committee notes, that postponing the camp doesn’t equate that everything will have to start over in 2021 but that the camp can build on the many ideas and discissions already made to this point.

A postponement now will also negate some potential financial challenges if the camp had been postponed at a later date. There are substantial risks involved in continuing planning beyond this point in the preparation phase as many committees and local groups starts their planning and preparation for the camp. An early decision limits both financial and human resources placed in the preparation in the final year up to a camp.

International participation

It is the hope of the FDF’s International Committee, the camp committee, and the FDF national committee that many of your friends from across our shared globed will be able to participate in the national camp in 2022. It has been a general concern that many of our friends outside Denmark would not have been able to participate in a camp in Denmark in 2021 because of the effects of the COVID-19. We hope and pray these effects are not long lasting, and that many of partner organizations will find a way to participate in 2022.

The international local groups who already signed up will be contacted directly, and we will notify FIMCAP, European Fellowship, and Global Fellowship when we start the planning again, as well as provide you with updated terms and practical information for the FDF National Camp 2022, July 6th-15th at FDF Sletten.

If you have questions concerning the postponement or the camp in 2022 feel free to contact FDF at

All the best

Simon Stagis – Camp Director

Rasmus Ottosen – International Secretary