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Welcome to the FDF National Camp 2022

The foundation of FDF National Camp 2022

FDF National Camp 2022 is build on a five pillar foundation.

There are five headlines or principles for the FDF National Camp 2022:


  • Join the fun!
  • We will meet and share
  • We will take responsibility
  • We will take our time
  • We will create the camp together


The five headlines above form the ambition for all participation and planning of the camp. The Christian fellowship of meeting equally, taking responsibility and sharing between us is what makes the camp more than just fun and games. We are joining each other at the camp to build relationships and co-create the camp. Everyone has a voice, and everyone plays a part. Playfulness, reflection and sustainability characterizes the camp mindset – as is meeting each other in our common faith.


As the camp activities target children and youth from the age 10 to 18, we prefer that your team participation is primarily in this age group. Preferable you should have 75-80% children in your team for the camp, about half of them under 15, just as a rule of thumb.


You and your organisation will get an extraordinary experience and valuable lessons in church and camp life to bring home. Participating in the camp means participating – not being distinguished guests or getting VIP treatment. Spending time at an FDF camp will mean that everyone will get involved in cooking, cleaning, activity staff etc. All camp staff and leaders at the camp volunteer one week of vacation – and we pay the same camp fee.


  • FDF National Camp 2022
  • 6th-15th of July 2022
  • FDF Outdoor Centre Sletten, Bøgedalsvej 16, 8680 Ry, Denmark
  • Price excl. transport to Denmark: Standard price is €210 with two discount groups.
  • Contact for more information on discounts and participation.

Your tasks

  • Find your passport, travel insurance and a visa for Denmark (if needed)
  • Get to the camp in Denmark, preferably joining your Danish host group early
  • Bring personal equipment for a tent camp for ten days (detailed lists will follow). For those with air travel, sleeping bags and tents can be borrowed.
  • Bring pocket money for your team (details will follow).
  • Funding of your transport and camp fee

Your host FDF-group

  • Will include you in the camp’s daily activities
  • Will help you with practical equipment, tents, sleeping bags
  • Will include you in the communication leading up to the camp

Help from the International Participants' Committee

  • Assistance with the Visa application and official invitation
  • Sponsorships in Denmark per region
  • Driving and transport directions
  • Translation of camp information into English, i.e. camp details, program, church program
  • Check up and guidance in the workings of a Danish camp

Preliminary timeline

June 2021: This official invitation

September 2021: Preliminary registration

December 2021: Match with FDF group

March 2022: Final registration, first payment

July 2022: Camp, final payment

About FDF National Camp

FDF National Camp is a big summer camp for everyone in FDF. Every fifth year, the national camp is held. Perhaps you’ve already heard stories from others about how fun it is to join 10,000 campers from Denmark and across the world? This invitation tells you a little more about FDF National Camp and contains the most important practical information.


What is FDF National Camp?

The National Camp is the biggest event in FDF – and a unique experience for Danes and Internationals. National Camp is playing with your (new) friends, fun campfires, activities, unity, cooking on the fire, solidarity, and experiences that give you a place to meet the world.


What is the size of the camp?

When we arrive at FDF’s beautiful campsite “Sletten”, there will be nothing more than fields of grass, which we in a few days will change into a little town with its own bank, post office, supermarkets, cafés, hospitals, water park and anything else that’s needed to make such a big event run smoothly. Though FDF National Camp is the size of a town the campsite is split into villages, each village containing many local groups, who camp individually.


Activities at the camp

At the camp there will be a big variation of activities ranging from playing lots and lots of games and doing group activities to cooking and eating your own dinner, construction of your own camp site, having fun with old as well as new friends at and around the campsite, sitting around campfires, big evening entertainment shows, activities at the main square, prayers, singing songs, evening/night activities and much, much more.


Denmark’s biggest mass

– every morning there are devotions and prayers with music, songs and stories. One day you will experience the biggest mass in Denmark, when around 15.000 people – including guests – gather for the Sunday service.


Making a lot of new friends from all over the world

At the camp you will of course be able to make a lot of new friends from all Denmark, but there will also be more than 500 international participants, mainly from Europe but also from India and other parts of the world. International contacts and friendship organisations of FDF are all invited to send participants to the camp.


What is FDF?

FDF is one of the largest Christian organizations for children and young people in Denmark and a affiliated with The Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church. Boys and girls can be members of FDF from the age of 5-6 until they are 18. Many young people then stay on as leaders. FDF was founded in Copenhagen in 1902, and membership counts about 25,000 members.


Where is it at?

FDF National Camp is at FDF Outdoor Center Sletten, situated on Lake Julsoe in the middle of Jutland, Denmark – close to the city of Silkeborg. Together, every group builds a campground in the beautiful Danish nature. Here, you will sleep, eat, play, and cook together.


Where are you going to stay?

As international participants you will camp together with a Danish local FDF group. Everybody will stay in tents at the camp. All meals are prepared outside on a camp re by the participants themselves. However, don’t panic if you have never tried this before! The Danish FDF group you camp with will be cooking with you. All activities will take place outside as well.


What does it cost?

The fee in the fact box includes all programme, food and accommodation, but not transportation. The International Participants Committee of the National Camp will apply for financial support to partially fund the camp fee and possibly travelling for participants from Eastern and Central Europe and from developing countries. The total amount is due immediately after the sign-up deadline.


What about transportation?

All international groups will arrange travelling to and from the camp themselves plus any touring of Denmark. You may, however, arrange your transportation in cooperation with the Danish local group you are partnered with.


Who is going?

FDF National Camp is for ages 9 and up. The camp is primarily aimed at young people 9 to 19 years of age + their leaders of any age. We expect that all participants (or their leaders) can communicate in English, as this is the language we will translate to from Danish.


Living the National Camp Life

At the camp, your group sleeps in tents and builds kitchen and eating spaces from logs. Food is cooked on the fire or on a gas cooker, and children and leaders help each other with all tasks. A healthy and varied menu has been planned – one which most children enjoy. Fresh food items are delivered every day.


There are restrooms located close to every campground. Likewise, it is possible to enjoy a shower and swim at the camp’s swimming pools and water park.Wi-fi is available across the camp. You can also charge your cell phone.


When you join us, you get the chance to unite with 10,000 others who enjoy games, fun and international experiences. Together, we will play games – Danish games, new games, old games, International games, games for the young and for the not-so-young.